Another Weekend in KL

We stayed at Hotel Maya (thanks Vicky for showing me this place).  It is a pretty neat hotel.  Very posh.

IMG_1499IMG_1500 IMG_1497IMG_1501IMG_1492IMG_1493IMG_1494IMG_1495IMG_1496

This is what our room looked like


Lunch at Madam Kwan’s Again:


Islamic Art Museum-I’ve been here several times… They don’t allow pictures inside, so every thing you see it out around the grounds.


We were pretty thirsty after all the exhibits.  This is a typical scene in Malaysia… Had some lime juice and a chicken dog.


Quick walk over to Merdeka Square


Dinner: Seafood on the street with Lillian & her friend Kris.

IMG_1477IMG_1478IMG_1484 IMG_1483IMG_1479IMG_1482IMG_1485IMG_1486IMG_1487

Sting ray, clams, chicken….

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for a drink in what they call the Sky Lounge.  They have a really nice view!


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