Prices in Singapore

One thing that really ticks me off about Singapore is the fact that everything is so expensive here. Be it Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, an ipod, Brooks Brothers Shirts, or a computer… everything is 30-80% more expensive here than in the United States.  This doesn’t make sense as most of this stuff is made in Asia (so shipping to Singapore would be much less), the Singapore dollar is stronger than the USD (so things should be cheaper here), and people here make less money than in the US.  Take a look at this Acer Aspire laptop:  Singapore price: 700 SGD (513 USD) vs. 408 USD on Amazon…a difference of 25%.

On the other hand… the EEe PC is the same price on Pre-order (888 SGD= 652 USD).  Not sure why… maybe they order it from Amazon and ship to Singapore 😉

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