Malaysian Fast Food in Tiong Bahru

I really wanted stingray tonight but couldnt find anyone to go with me… so I went down to the corner for some Malaysian hawaker food.

These burgers are one of the most fattening things I have ever come across in my day.   They sort of remind me of Homer’s "Good Morning Burger" on the Simpsons. (  They start with your choice of beef or chicken then add a fried egg, cheese, mayo, and hot sauce all grilled up with loads of butter.  Yum yum

Other stuff on offer is below.  This is nothing special compared to the night markets in Malaysia.  Of course… those ones don’t have the wonderful Singapore prices!
My goodies: Fried rice, fried banana/sweet potato, and the burger.
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One Response to Malaysian Fast Food in Tiong Bahru

  1. may says:

    Looks very fatty….. Hope you will not carry a big belly as Homer Simpson does! :P

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