Saturday Hike

Decided to take Robbie for a hike up the Kuli’ou’ou Ridge Trail. 
Here we are at the base getting ready to head out.  The ridge itself is above and to the right of the yellow gate.
Robbie took these pictures on the way up.   It is pretty interesting because you hike thru a pine forest.
Took these after breaking above the treeline.
Running up the last section.
These pictures are from the offical top of the ridge… but you can actually keep going and climb another 80m higher.

Robbie took these as we climbed the last leg of the unofficial trail.  This is pretty scary and you are walking right next to the ledge. A fall from here and one would have a very bad day.

This is the top. 687m above the warm water below.
Took these photo stitches from the top.



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