Hawaii Loa Ridge

I’ve been meaning to hike up Hawaii Loa Ridge for a long time and Robbie’s visit finally gave me the chance.  This hike starts pretty high up… but was by no means easy.

View near the base of the trail.


You walk thu this little forest grove right away


Bunch of pics of the climb up



This is what the trail looks like near the top.  It is pretty steep and I fell three times on the way down. (These pics were actually taken on the way down but it gives you an idea as to what the climb was like)



Saw these beautiful wild flowers growing near the top.  I think they might be wild orchids again but i’m not sure on this.  Will try to check this


All these pics were taken at the top.  You can see Waimanalo, Kailua, and Kaneohe.  It was a little foggy tho.. so the view wasn’t a A+.


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