Thanksgiving 2008 Let the Cooking Begin: Cranberry Relish & Apple Pie

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it really is nice to be back home to celebrate it.   Food & Football.  What could be better.  Tomorrow’s menu will include:


-Turkey (18 pounds! Cost only $5… by far the best deal for food you will ever find)

-Carrots, Potatoes, & Onions with the turkey


-Cranberry Relish

-Candied Yams

-Apple Pie

-Okinawan Sweet Potato Pie (this is a Hawaiian special… the potatoes are purple)


This is a lot of food.  So much so that I needed to start cooking everything today (day before). First thing on the list to do was to make the cranberry relish.  This is a pretty simple recipe that my Mom has been using for years.  


The recipe starts with the zest of 3 Oranges & 1 Lemon.   Combine that with sugar and 3 lbs of cranberries in a big pot.



Heat on medium and keep stiring.



Bring to a boil & it looks something like this: (sorry about the steam)



Next, add 1.5 cups of OJ (can use the 3 oranges you needed for the zest) & 1 cup of lemon juice.  Also add some more sugar.  Let this simmer on low heat for 5 mins.  Then turn off the burner and let sit for 30 mins before placing in the fridge over night.  Tada.  The final color & texture looks like this.  It gets a little thicker after the over night cooling.



Apple Pie


This has been a family recipe for over 30 years.  I think my Mom stole it from the NY Times way back in the 70’s (don’t tell anyone).   I have seen similar recipes on the internet… but this one really is great because it is a "cream" apple pie recipe.  


Start off by pealing and then slicing 2-3 green apples.  Be sure to put them in a bowl of water so they won’t turn brown.  Set aside.



Next, combine sugar, flour, vanilla 2 eggs, and sour cream in a bowl.  Wisk this until it is smooth.



Next, get the pie crust ready.  Being a lazy cook, I use these pre-made pie crusts.  The recipe uses 2 which is good since 2 come in each one of these packages.  USe 1 and place it on the bottom of a pie plate.



Next, pour in the apples and some walnuts into the mix.  Pour everything into the pie plate.  Try to even things out so the apples and filling are distributed evenly.



Next, cut the other pie crust into strips.


Take your strips and place in a cross pattern on top of the pie!



Last, place some slices of butter & brown sugar on top of the crust.  I used this Sugar’N Cinnamon mix and the Hawaiian touch: Maui pure cane sugar.


This is what the pie looks like before going into the oven.  I’ve included a close up shot.



Bake for 10 mins @450′ and then 45 minss @350′.  Tada….




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