So i’ve been doing a lot of fishing lately and finally caught some stuff (besides the puffer fish from last week).   I got all excited when I hooked this guy.  About 2 feet long and really put up a good fight.  The colors look a lot cooler in the water than what you see here. Anyways, the problem was when I got home and looked it up on the internet, I found out I really couldn’t eat it.
I found this:
Scrawled filefish used to be caught and sold at markets as food, but fishers are targeting these animals less and less. They have high amounts of ciguatera fish poisoning, a type of toxin commonly found in fish. Eating fish with ciguatera causes an illness that can result in stomach and digestive related problems, some severe phsiological problems including severe headaches, soreness of the muscles, changes in blood pressure and heart problems, and sometimes even death. Although the scrawled filefish is said to be tasty, it is highly recommended that you don’t eat it. This may be the reason the population of scrawled filefish has remained stable.
So needles to say I took it back to the sea.
I also caught this trumpet fish!  It was almost 1.4M long and had really sharp teath. Cool looking huh?  Sorry the picture is not so good.  I was fishing on the reef about .75 km off shore up to my knees in water.  It was hard trying to do everything.. since I couldnt put anything down.


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