My land lord invited me up for Christmas Day Dinner tonight so I decided to whip up some cookies to bring at the last min.  I’ve been using the same recipe for ages (from the back of the chocolate chips) and it always comes out fine.  I never understood why the cookies in Asia were so bad.  In general, I think Asian food is a lot better than western stuff… but the big and i mean BIG exception is baked goods.  Asian people just don’t know how to bake.  Cookies, pies, brownies… they might look nice, but, never taste good.  Maybe they don’t put enough sugar or butter in.  I am not sure.  Anyways, I am no expert baker but the cookies I make here at home are 10x better than anything a bakery in Singapore or Shanghai sells.


As I said… just use the recipe on the back of the chocolate chips.  It works every time.  Sometimes I like to add extras or change this a bit but tonight was straight chocolate chips. Nothing fancy.


Good old cookie dough…

Like I said nothing fancy here.  So why can’t those bakeries in Singapore & Shanghai do this?

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One Response to Cookies

  1. Grace says:

    Merry Christmas ^_^

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