Santa Monica/Interview

I made my first trip every to Southern Cali this week and had a great time.  Best of all… I think the interview went well and hopping the good news comes soon.  I was pretty busy and only in town for 2 days so I didn’t have a lot of time to look around/take pictures.
I took this picture right before I had to go down for the test/interview.  Pretty serious pic.
My room at the Delphina in Santa Monica. 
My first Southern Cali sunset.
Went down to the beach.  This is Santa Monica Beach about 4 blocks down from my hotel.  Coming from Hawaii its hard to be impressed by beaches in other places but this one isn’t too bad.  It is nice and big and I love the bike/running path.  I had a great on run here on Monday.  Would love to go back.
That great running path i mentioned
The famous Santa Monic Pier
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