I talked to a Navy guy in Santa Monica and he told me that I can do pushups everyday…so I decided to add this pushup workout.  Basically I do 3 gym/climb days, 3 run/situp/pushup days, and 1 full day of rest each week.  I’ll be doing this until I have my fitness test which would be in late Jan. The info is free and the schedule is very easy to follow.  Since I can do 50 pushups on own now, I started at week 3 of this 6 week program.  The site is www.hundredpushups.com

This is how the schedule looks.  You do 5 sets 3x per week.  You decide which column to work on depending on how many situps you can do without stopping which they call the test.  Again, since I can do more than 25 I am on the right.

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One Response to Pushups

  1. Jina says:

    what’s the link? you know i can’t even finish one pushup…

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