Aloha Friday

Happy Aloha Friday.  I did a power lift today but was pretty weak.  I think it is because of the pushups I did yesterday. I also got a body fat test done. I am 21% fat according to the 4 point test.  They told me a 3 point test would be around 17%.  Still too high I think.  Gotta work harder.
Again, very weak numbers.  I think I might have to drop a lifting day and add cardio.  Not sure. Anyways, as is the norm, I then climbed up Koko Head.
This is another pic Robbie took.  Anyways, I was a bit faster today even with the heavy rain that came as I was nearing the top.  Time up 19m29s. Time down 8m10s.  The time down was 1m slower than usual because of the rain.  It made the steps and especially the bridge very slippery.
In the afternoon, I did my best Jabba the Hut impression eating and waching tv.  See the picture below? Add a TV and this was me.
Around 5pm I decided to try the P90x Ab Ripper program Tony sent me.  Oh boy is this thing hard.  It is about 20 min.  More if you take rests like me.  Take a look.  Hard core man.
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