Sunday Workout: 3.3 Miles, Pushups, & Rainbows

Happy Sunday.  4 more days until my test but only 2 more workout days since I will be taking Tuesday & Wednesday off to rest.  For my morning workout I ran 3.3 miles (5.3km) finishing off with 44 pushups.  Why 44 you ask?  That is the number I need on Thursday to get 4 points.  I didn’t time the run but was working pretty hard and kept up a good speed.   In the afternoon instead of going to the track I decided to try something different: Rainbows.  Make sure you read the bottom of this post to see why I called theworkout rainbows.  I live on a hill and my driveway is one of the steepest around.  Walking up and down is always a good workout so I thought I’d try running it a few times.
Here is a picture from the top of my driveway looking down:

At the bottom looking up:

But alas, just running up and down my steep driveway isnt challenging enough so I added 10 pushups at the top.   So the workout goes as follows: Run down to the bottom tag the trash can (kept at the base for weekly pickups), turn around then run up to the top and finally do 10 pushups.  Do this 10 times and you have my workout.  It was a lot of work although, not as impossible as I might have expected.  Each lap took me about 1m19s give or take for a total time of 13m14s of sprints and 100 total pushups. When I finished it started to rain a bit and a big rainbow formed beyond where I had done the pushups… so I decided to call this workout Rainbows.  I think it works. Here is the rainbow:

I’ll definitely do the rainbow workout again but might try 12 or 15 pushups to make it a tad harder. 




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