Garmin GPS

I’m usually slow to get new gadgets and a gps is a good example.  I still don’t have one for my car (paper works fine) but I decided to buy a little hand held one for my many hikes.  The model I got was is a Garmin Etex Vista.  The unit costs about $200 on amazon and the mapping software an extra $75.  Here is what it looks like.

I’ve had it for a few weeks but took it out for the first field test today up the Kuliouou Trail.  The unit tracked my hike and here are the results:
In case you can’t see the numbers, the hike was 4.4 miles RT and took me 2 hours (I stopped for 10min at the top).  The top of the hill was 2071 feet (631m).
Took a few pics and a video at the top.  As you can see.. it was pretty foggy.


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