Mt. Olympus

Hiked up Mt. Olympus today.  The trail is about 2.7 miles long (each way) and the peak elevation is 2500 feet or 762m

The hike starts here

The trail follows the ridge line.  With valleys on each side.  This is Palolo Valley.
One of the few steep parts
Looking back at Honolulu.  U of Hawaii is right in the middle.

This is where the trail to Mt. Olympus breaks off.  I’m not sure why the State doesn’t want people up there… but I didn’t pay any mind to these signs and kept going.
First view of the top (3rd point).
Palolo side…
Manoa side…
Tried to combine these 3 into 1..
First view of the east Ohau (Kaliua/Kaneohe)
This is the top.  It was covered in miss and small trees.
and mud
Going down was very slow because of the mud.  I fell once and got all muddy.
Took this little video at the top.

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