Changsha WOD

I’ve been on the road well over a month and haven’t done let alone posted a workout in weeks.  I was up at over 4000m for most of the time and since I’m not use to that altitude, figured it was a good idea not to workout much.  Here in Changsha, the problem is of a different sorts: heat.  It was over 41′ today so I had to wait until 5pm to move.  So here it is… my first wod in about 2 weeks:

400m run followed by
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of
ring dips (amazing the little park here has rings!)
knees to elbows
decline pushups
followed by another 400m run

Took me 20:36 to complete this in the wonderful 33′ afternoon heat.

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One Response to Changsha WOD

  1. Grace says:

    Do you come China again? Welcome you:) Have a good Trip ^_^

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