China Trip Part I: Chengdu, Huanglong, and Jiuzhaigou

I was on the road for over 1.5 months and finally got home yesterday.  I posted most of these pictures in mass on Facebook.  I will repost seveal here (esp for my Chinese friends as facebook is blocked in China).  You’ll notice a lot of food in these pictures.  Afterall, eating is a big part of Chinese life.
First part of the trip involved taking the train from Beijing to Chengdu.  I don’t travel on Chinese trains too often anymore but must say that 軟座 is pretty nice. We shared a cabin with these 2 ABC girls and their grandmother from Texas.  They were going to visit relatives in Chengdu.
After arriving in Chengdu, the first thing we did was eat!  Great leng 涼麵.  The fish was good too (so I thought).
Ever seen pineapple beer? I hadn’t until this night.
韓國包子 beakfast!
Next stop… Jiuzhaigou
This airport was located at 4100m! HIGH.
On the road to huang long.
Huanglong was formed by a tn stream with high calcium deposits. Look at the colors.
Chengdu panda research center
Best meal of the trip: 冷鍋魚

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