China Trip Part III: Kangding, Litang

After leaving Chengdu, I traveled by bus west to Kangding.  This is what a chinese traffic jam looks like.  This 1 hour delay was caused by road work.  I also got stuck here on the way back.  Kangding is the first semi-Tibetan town I went thru.  While the whole area was cold… the clean air (just as clean as Tibet & Xin Jiang) made it worth the hardship.
Onlyl good thing is that food arrives fast.
Paoma Shan, Kangding
On the road to Litang/Daocheng

The weather in Western Sichuan was a lot colder than I expected.  7-13’c.  Because I freezing to death I bought this Chinese Army coat to keep warm. i’m not a big fan of the Chinese Army, but, the coat was great and at could I go wrong?
Really neat how Tibetans write messages and post these prayer flags all over the mtns.
My driver arguing with one of the other passengers about his cargo.  Gota pay more.
This is how China ran and still runs.  These little round blocks of coal power evrything from restaurant stoves to heat homes.  While not as common in Beijing and Shanghai as they use to be, you still see them.  The coal lady below is delivering this the entire load to the restaurant you see pictured.
Road between Litang & DaoCheng.

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    food food….

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