China Trip Part VI: Daocheng

After returning to Daocheng, the first thing I did was try to buy my bus ticket back to Chengdu.  There is only 1 bus a day and tickets sell out fast, so, unless I wanted to take the private mini-van again, I had to get my ticket early.  Here is the lovely Daocheng bus station.

No people inside.. just signs.  Good thing I can read Chinese!

The important sign below says that tickets are only sold between 2 and 8pm. They also ask you to confirm your ticket departure times since once you leave, the bus station is not responsible (for any errors).


Destinations are printed second to the left, followed by the distance, and finally price (on white paper)

Got my ticket!

Went out to check out the town.  I’m not a big fan of tibetan food.  Popular staples include yak, yak butter, and yak cheese.  On sale below is butter and cheese. Yum yu.

I never liked these old school scales.

Took a taxi out to check out a small village.  No adults.. just kids around.

Local kiddies playing some sort of game.

Bus ride back to Kangding was uneventful.  Did see this interesting propaganda poster. It says The military is part of the family, Chinese & Tibetans are one happy family… You know what they say: If you have to make a poster about it, it clearly doesn’t exist!

Last Kangding meal: shao kao and beer 🙂

You always see interesting English signs in China.  Here is a good one.

Bus stopped for gas on the way back to Chengdu.

From the bus window

Need to use the bathroom (smelly hole in the ground)? 50 cents and this please.

Another road work delay.  Yuck.  This one took 2 hours!

Amazing noodles in a hole in the wall restaurant.



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