China Trip Part XI: Guiyang-Hong Kong

Back to Guiyang for one day before flying to Shenzhen and then on to Hong Kong.  I use to eat these 雞蛋餅 all the time in Shanghai. 

Papa Johns in China.  Very posh here too.

Liberate Taiwan… funny.

Had to send a camera to my friend in Beijing and decided to use Fedex.  So much nicer than the Chinese postoffice. Not expensive either.


Got to the Shenzhen airport and was happy to this: a direct bus to Hong Kong. Back in the day, I had to take a bus, then taxi, then walk across to Hong Kong, then 2 different subways to get to HK.  No more.  Now there is a direct bus.  Progress!

Dinner with Lillian, Sophia, and her husband.

Lama Island

Me+Lama Island+beer=happy

HK take out lunch: Cha Shao & Shao Rou.. sooo good.

Dinner with Benny Chan (my old roommate).  HK western food.

Dinner with Tony, my old coworker from Singapore. 

Finally found my new swim trunks.  Only $25 HKD.  Great!

Thats it for the trip pics. At least for now.

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