Workout of the day

Todays workout was real hell: Fight Gone Bad.  This is a famous Crossfit workout designed to simulate the requirements of UFC.   I hadn’t done it before and it really kicked my ass. 


Fight Gone Bad:
60 seconds at each station followed by a final 60 sconds of rest. Count the nuber of reps for score. 3 rounds for 15 mins work.
1. Wallballs 20lbs
2. Sumo deadlift high pull 75 lbs
3. Box jump 24”
4. Push press 75 lbs
5. row (calories)
My score: total of 179: 55 wallballs, 28 SDHPs, 35 box jumps, 31 presses, 30 calorie row.  Totally spent and even light headed after this one.  Killer workout.  Check out the video below for info on the workout. Pretty interesting.



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